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It all started with just a dream

His mother taught him her special recipes

It all started with a dream. Hugo Gamez and his family had a home in a small town in Mexico. It was there that Huge learned how to cook and prepare traditional Mexican meals. His mother taught him her special recipes.


Hugo is the fifth in a family of 12. He helped put food on the table by helping run a catering

business from the family’s home.

Chef in a 5-star restaurant

Their dream was to one day, they will run their own restaurant. Hugo eventually decided to venture out and he left Mexico. He ended up in Dallas, TX. After his family could no longer afford to pay for medical school, he began his restaurant career by working as a chef in a 5-star restaurant.


The dream became a reality when he moved to Jackson, MI. He met his future wife Kim. Kim’s father owned a real-estate company and he presented Hugo with the opportunity that changed everything.

Hugo is living his dream

After hearing of Hugo’s love for cooking and his desire to have his own restaurant, Kim’s father

told them of a property that was available in the downtown area. With the encouraging words,

“Here’s your opportunity to fulfill your family’s dream,” it began. The Crazy Cowboy opened its

doors in March of 2003. Since then, he’s been living his dream.

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